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Indulge with the utmost confidence in pre-mixes made from certified, superior quality ingredients that will leave you wanting more

Perfectly Curated

Measured to precision, each jar is hand-mixed to ensure smooth and exact ratios. We do all the heavy lifting so you can bake with ease

Ready In Minutes

Pour out the ingredients, follow our simple, quick steps and enjoy your delicious reward in a matter of minutes

Fun Experience

Take baking out of the kitchen and into the living room! Call on the kids, grandparents, spouses and friends and have a fun Sunday afternoon creating your very own gourmet delights


Our Customers Love Us!

The neatly packed dry ingredients come with precise instructions-follow them and you'll land with a good looking & yummy tasting cake. The dark chocolate ganache was del, I gobbled some up before i could even apply on the cake. It's simply amazing.

Mamta Ahuja

They're priced reasonably, and the best part is the expiry for thier cakes is about one month and the ganache is around a week! I cannot wait to try our more flavours alreadyyy! You'll definitely be seeing me make many more cakes post this :-)

Anurag Jangra

My son and me baked it together...i usually like to get him a little involved whenever i cook or bake once in a was perfect because it had just 3-4 ingredients. Also since we are allergic to egg i was so happy that this is a genuinely eggless dessert!

Priya Deepak

I can say that without doing much! Gotta love that. I'm so impressed by @watchmewhip.india cake mixes, they're quick, simple & truly quite indulgent. They are perfect return gifts. I had recently customised for my son's birthday!

Usha Ramachandran